Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Equality does not equal Entitlement...

I've been brooding on this subject for a while now. And the train of though got started innocently enough.

While driving from the beach to Portland over Thanksgiving weekend, Rebel and I were behind a car that had a bumper sticker that said "Equality for all". Simple statement. And one that I happen to agree with.

However, that car was being driven by someone who felt entitled to only drive 40 in a 55 zone and not use the slow car turn-out so the 30 cars behind her (of course it was...) could be on their merry way. Sure, you're allowed to use the road just as I am... that's called equality. You holding up traffic because you can't do the speed limit? That's entitlement. Get off the major roads until you feel you can safely handle that type of driving. You aren't entitled to make the rest of us miserable because you aren't up to snuff on a major roadway.

Am I the only one noticing that people are confusing the two? You are entitled to equality... however, what you do with it is on you. It's not up to others to hand you things. It's up to you to take that equality and work for it.

I think that's a message that has gotten lost. I hope it gets found soon...

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