Thursday, February 28, 2013

If I'm going to attract things, why can't it be money?

HillBill has always said that I attract the crazy. And it's true. I do...

Last time HillBill and I went for a brewsky it was only a matter of 20 minutes before 2 completely drunk-off-their-ass types sat next to us trying to chat us up. And it was a couple... not even 2 guys (or 2 girls, for that matter). A couple. She could barely string a sentence together. He was trying to take a nap on the bar.

Somehow with Rebel I got lucky. He's fairly normal (most of the time). And most of my friends are normal. Actually, check that. We're all horse owners which make us (by default) not normal in the least. My animals are definitely not normal. Flash is gay. Goodwin is a diva. Seven is, well, Seven. Daisy just ignores us. And the Marshmallow is a molting pile of fur.

Our last landlords were a bit on the weird side, as well. Not straight up crazy, but just a tad controlling... about things that really didn't matter. But, oh well... we all parted on good terms.

Now, I'm dealing with another set of crazy landlords. Ones who don't do what they said they would. Ones that are now trying to tell me that I agreed to move my horses off property so they could seed the pasture. News flash: I didn't say that. I didn't even hint that. I'm paying for horse property so I can *gasp* have horses on the property. What I did say last fall was that we weren't in a complete rush to get the fences done by mid-October because I had a pasture they could hang in. They said they were going to fence in the lower portion of the property to move the horses to when they wanted to seed. Why is that so hard to remember now? Oh yeah. I know why. They are lazy fucks who don't want to get off their asses and do any of the things they said they would. The only reason I have a place to actually live in is because Rebel actually did all the work to get it finished (and they bitched about paying him once he had done it).


We do need a new place anyway. Now that Rebel is here full-time we need something bigger. 500 square feet just isn't enough for 2 grown peeps and a couple of mutts.

I hate moving, but it looks like it'll be happening sooner rather than later...


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