Friday, August 31, 2012


So, I live on a 7 acre property. There are 2 houses... the main house (where the landlords reside) and the bunkhouse (where I reside). There is a natural alcove of lava rock that the bunkhouse is tucked into so you can't really see the main house from the bunkhouse. And out my back door there is about a foot of flat ground before it becomes the lava rock wall thingy.

Right now the landlords are out of town. So it's just me, 3 horses, 2 goats, 1 pony and 4 dogs. Because it was kind of warm last night I had the back door open and was watching a movie in my bedroom. Did I mention that the back door is also in my bedroom?

Anyway, I took a shower and was applying lotion to my legs when all of a sudden all 4 dogs (because Bosco and DD were having a sleep over) went apeshit. And the next thing I hear is crashing sounds coming from the top of the rock alcove and what sounded like to guys yelling back and forth to each other. Needless to say, I wasted no time getting my gun loaded and a round chambered... with the safety off.

After I calmed down a bit I also put a phone call into the non-emergency police number to let them know the situation. They told me they would send a patrol by. I have no idea if they actually did or not... but figured it was good protocol to let them know in case I ended up having to pull the trigger. You know, getting the self-defense argument set up in advance and all that.

Then I decided to text Rebel and let him know what was going on... you know, just in case I disappeared or ended up in pieces in a plastic bag somewhere. This was our convo...

Me: Just an FYI... There was someone in the bushes behind the house and I'm the only one on property tonight. Gun is loaded and by my side...

Rebel: Why is there someone in the brush?

Me: Not sure. When the dogs started barking I heard them run off talking to each other. Only 2 I think but they were on the hill right behind the back door (to my bedroom, let me remind you!!). Door was open, now closed. Scared the crap out of me though...

Rebel: That's why you call the cops

(so not helpful)

Me: I called the non-emergency number and let them know. Thought I should let you know too

(you know, in case I end up dead or something)

Rebel: What did they say?

Me: That they would send a patrol by to look. Haven't seen them yet...

Rebel: Good luck, try and get some sleep.

Good luck? Really?

Not quite the response I was expecting. Two ways you can take that, I guess...

1. He doesn't really care that there are strange men right outside my bedroom door.
2. He thinks I can take care of myself.

Farmer has always told me that if there are two ways to take a thing that I should take the positive one and not the negative one. OK fine. I can actually take care of myself... so I will take it that way. 

However, in the future I'm hoping there's just a teensy-weensy more concern on the part of my significant other. That's not asking too much. Is it?


  1. !!! How scary! Good thinking on your toes. BAD Rebel for not being more defensive, even if you CAN take care of yourself. Sheesh!

  2. Just an occasional reader here, but really? That was Rebel's response? I would have shot his balls off :P