Friday, September 21, 2012


Question. Is there a whole lot of crazy planetary astrological shit going on or something? Because the last few weeks have been, well, strange. And weird. Very weird.

For those of you that are fellow bloggers, you'll understand what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, let me explain how this works. I write at night. Usually between the hours of 10pm and midnight. And then I set the post to publish 12 to 14 hours later. So, I'm writing like today is Friday (even though right this moment it is actually Thursday night). I have done this for a long time and therefore I don't really give it any thought. I also have it set up to post to my Facebook. Again, I really don't give it much thought.

However, people who have more time on their hands at work than I do, do give it some thought apparently. I got called into the HR office last week and was accused of writing my blog during work. There was a formal write-up sheet about it and everything. I listened to the whole spiel and then explained how this bloggin' thang actually works. Needless to say, the sheet was torn up and that was that.

But it was weird. Very weird. Couldn't someone have just picked up the phone and asked me? After all, by the time this thing actually posts I've most likely forgotten what the hell I've written about anyway. This thing is my brain dump, after all.

So, there was that. And then I had a very strange interaction with the landlords last week too. Flash, as you know, is injured. His back is ouchie and so Hutch kindly decided to let me borrow her mare Scout for a few months. Hutch already boards a horse at my place, so the landlords know her well. Hutch and I decided the best thing to do would be to swap out horses and have Scout at my place (so I could ride out from the property) and put Flash in with her horses for some R&R. Easy. I texted the LL's to let them know what I was doing. Then when I picked up Scout I had a face-to-face convo with them again about what I was doing. And then I packed up Flash and took him to Hutch's place.

And then I got this text message as I was on my way home: We need to talk about things before making changes because we need to know. We might take on more boarders & we need to manage what's coming and going.

Hmmm... ok. I'm pretty sure that a text and in-person convo should cover that, but whatever. Basically, nothing changed except the color of the horse. It was weird. Very weird.

And then at the beginning of this week I had a place for rent basically fall into my lap. It's a place to rent on 5 acres that is a little closer to work and has trails right off the property. I will be saving $150 month and can have whatever horses I want out there. So, I'm moving in mid-October as well.

Oh, and Rebel showed up on Thursday (thinking it was actually Friday) and stayed until Tuesday. That was a nice surprise. I was missing him a lot. He'll be back next week to watch the pups while I'm in San Diego.

And then as I was cruising Facebook one day and I saw this needing a home...


He's 7 and there is just something about that face (I had the same reaction when I saw Flash for the first time, too). So I'm picking up a new horse this weekend. He will be the replacement for Storm, who is not even pasture sound anymore despite me throwing all kinds of money at her *sad face* I'm going to let her enjoy the pasture until it plays out and then I will be putting her down. Considering how rough last winter was on her (when she was actually walk/trot sound) it seems the kindest thing to do.

Wow. So many things happening at once. But I'm pretty excited about the new horse. I'll post pics when I have him home and settled in...

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