Thursday, July 19, 2012

My dream list...

The farther I get into the sport of endurance, the more cool stuff I want. Of course, that's true of any sport I do with my horse (or myself). So, I've decided to share the things I most covet (and wish I owned). Keep in mind my birthday is coming up (for those of you who just don't know what to get me for my upcoming 40th)...

The "Godiva" Sheepskin saddle cover

I have a sheepskin cover, but mine doesn't go all the way to my stirrup. I could ride in shorts with this bad-boy...

The Tipperary "Sportage" helmet

I actually have this helmet, but mine is the older version and has seen better days. I could sure use an upgrade...

A camelback water bottle

This would be way better to have than water bottles that are just packed on the horse. Just in case ass and saddle part ways I'd love to have my water with me...

I know there are more things on the list, but these items are at the top. What would you add to the list is you could buy anything and everything?


  1. I always ride with a Camelbak, I picked up a cheap off brand version at an outdoor store in Portland. Mine has 2 liters of water, a snack, asprin, and my first aid kit. I love it-although it does make layering awkward.

    1. The camelback definitely looks handy for a ride on a hot day!!

  2. Yup, yup, and yup. I know this wish list well!

  3. Just FWIW, I had a sheepskin and ended up selling it. That thing made me slip right off the back of the saddle going up steep hills. Totally not worth it!

    Definitely get a Camelbak. DO NOT get the wal-mart version. DO NOT get a men's camelbak. Get a women's name-brand camelbak.

    I want a heart rate monitor, but they're so expensive for something that's not strictly necessary!

  4. I would love to own a saddle that is custom made for me and the horse and fits us both.

    In the realm of things I'm actually saving up for: Ice boots and a new hay net/grain feeder combo for the trailer.

    I've debated the camelback, worried that it would trap heat on my back or restrict movement. I might borrow one sometime to see how I feel about it.