Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday?

So I guess Black Friday has now become Black Thursday and a Half... thanks to Walmart leading the charge. They will be opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving. Rather than at Midnight. And workers are striking because of it.

So, I have 2 thoughts on this particular subject...

1. If you (the worker striking) decided to work for a retail company that opens at 8pm on Thanksgiving, then that's on you. No one chose that job for you... you did. You have a job. Do it. There are a lot of people out there without a job. If you don't like the hours (or holidays you have to work) then perhaps you need to choose a different line of work. Just a thought.

2. If you (the consumer) are pissed about stores doing these types of things, then stop lining up at the door at 8pm on Thanksgiving. Companies are out to make a buck. If opening early isn't making them a buck, then they will stop. This is not rocket science.

My personal plan of action? Avoid Black Friday at all costs...


  1. When I was in high school, I had an exchange sister/student visit from Brasil for a semester. We "did" Black Friday to show her what it was like. It was as awful as I thought. Now I try to buy local as much as I can-Portland Saturday market is awesome for good local gifts. That said, work is work, but the way Wal-Mart treats pretty much everyone involved is just wrong on a lot of levels. But you are right-don't buy there will help fix some issues.

    1. The only thing that companies respond to is a falling bottom line. If it becomes a financial burden to be open that day (i.e. people aren't shopping) then they'll stop being open that day. Simple as that...

  2. I do all of my shopping online and NO sale is going to make me change my ways.