Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, politics. How I hate thee...

I was hoping that by today all the political rantings and ravings that I've had to endure for months was finally at an end.


How naive I am.

In fact, it's just really getting started. The peeps that wanted Obama can't stop gloating. The peeps that wanted Romney can't stop crying about all of the horrible things that are going to happen because he didn't win... oh, and how stupid all the other idiots are for not voting for their guy.

Seriously. I would quote actual posts, but I think some of these people actually read this blog.

So. When will this nonsense end? I'm tired. I'm worn out. I'm completely over it.

May I offer this humble piece of advice from the rest of us who don't feel the need to go on endlessly about our own political affiliations...


*translation: shut the fuck up. please*

This public service announcement is now over. Continue on with your day...


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  2. Considering the fact that some people just want to stir up trouble under the "anonymous" tag, I've gone ahead and removed that feature. Register and *then* comment...