Monday, November 5, 2012

Another fungus among us...

First it was Flash's turn. Some weird thing on his back that came out of nowhere and stuck around for much longer than it needed to.

Last week it was my turn (apparently) to break out in some weird skin thingy.

*like I really needed another thing to deal with right after moving... but whatever, universe*

It started last Monday. I had an itch. It wasn't a major itch. It was just, you know, an itch. Behind my ear. And then behind my other ear, too. And as the day wore on, it got more itchy. And then red. And then bumpy. Oh crap. We all know that red, itchy, bumpy skin is not good. Not good at all.

Um, what the hell? This can't be good...

On Tuesday, it got worse. And the bumps and itchiness started to move down my neck and onto my chest. By about 3pm I was over it. Time for a visit to urgent care... bank account be damned. After asking me questions about what I had changed (nothing) and what I had done over the weekend (been hot tubbing) it was decided that who the hell knows what caused it but, here, have some steroids. Would you like that in a shot or by pill?

*as if there's even a choice*

So, I dutifully marched my way into Walmart and got the steroids. I started them that night.

Update: apparently I don't do steroids. In any fashion. Good to know. I can now add that on to the list with no caffeine and no latex. But pass the peanuts... not a problem-o.

I was sick all night that night and into the next day. Needless to say, I didn't go to work. 

But I was still quite a mess so I went back to the clinic on Thursday morning and got a anti-histamine shot. First of all, ouch!! Damn those things hurt. And second, the warning that I may be a tad drowsy really didn't do it justice. I basically passed out for 12 hours on Thursday. So, another day of work gone.

Also, I was becoming a veritable science experiment in what helps itchy, red bumps not itch so damn much. At one point I had 2% hydrocortizone on one side of my chest, Neosporin on the other side, Vagisil behind one ear and Preparation-H cooling gel behind the other. 

*look, when you're itching that much if it says anti-itch anywhere on the package you're going to give it a try... regardless of what body part it was originally meant for*

The Preparation-H won out. I think it's because it had Witch Hazel in it (which I then went and bought and basically bathed in for a few days).

Over this past weekend, things calmed down and today I'm looking and feeling quite normal... well, normal for me, anyway.

So, now I will be able to blog about something other than itching. Yay, me. And I bet you can hardly wait...

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