Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Someone needs to pay for my 15 kids...


I seriously have no words.

Except to say: pay for your own fucking kids. That shouldn't be my job just because I have a job.


  1. Or, ya know, just don't have FIFTEEN frickin' kids. The only person to be held accountable is YOU and their FATHER. NO ONE else!

  2. I agree... completely. I can accept responsibility for my own four legged child and have been responsible in not having a whole slew of children I can't support. I am responsible for feeding and sheltering my 'child'. Me, no one else. There are no hay stamps to bail me out if I have too many horses and no board payment services if I wanted to do anything else with my limited income. Be responsible for the lives you chose to bring into this world. Sheesh.

    Sorry, just saw this clip randomly reading through side bar blogs and felt inspired to chime in. =)