Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sometimes the little guy just needs a little help...

As you know, I have 4 horses... or maybe you don't know. But you do now.

Anyway, the state of the horses are such: Flash (arab, 15 years old) is home with me. Nice and fat. Needs to be in work, but the weather is not very cooperative. Storm (mustang, 13 years old) is at a friend's place enjoying retirement. Since losing a few pounds is doing well on her stifle that has been giving her a lot of trouble this past year. Goodwin (NSHxTB, 6/7 years old) is home with me. In good weight. Still a freak about everything. Working on it. Seven (arab, 7 years old) is home with me. After taking off blankets the other day was found to be too thin. Time to start segregating at meal time.

I discussed the situation with Rebel and how best to let Seven eat in peace without the chow hounds constantly pushing him off the feed. We decided to set up the corral panels just outside of the pasture and put Seven in there at night so we can get him some grain and constant access to hay all night. During the day he'll be out in the pasture with the boys.

Last night was our first night giving this new system a try. We gave Seven alfalfa pellets, some Ultium grain and around 4 flakes of hay. This morning when I went to check on him he was just hoovering up the last of the hay. Seriously... I cannot believe he ate that amount of food. He's maybe 13.2HH and weighs around 800 pounds. It's like watching a teenage boy go at the fridge. And at this rate he'll be back up to optimum weight in no time.

I love a horse that loves to eat. Plus, since he has a blanket on he's not burning precious calories trying to stay warm. Win/win.

I think we'll leave this system in place until the landlords take their horses back home and free up the other side of the pasture...

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