Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back in the saddle.... again?

I'm not a church goer. I really am too old to hang out at bars trolling for guys anymore... that's more of a 20-something sport, and I think I'll leave it to them. So the question then becomes - how do you meet new and interesting people?

I decided to give the internet a try (I know, I know... PLFM here I come). I signed up for a site, put up my profile and sat back to see what might happen. Oh, and I also decided I would respond to anyone who emailed me, regardless of what my first impression was... unless they were a smoker (I'm really allergic) or way far away (what's the point?). I figured this way I would meet really interesting people... boy, did I ever.

So last night was my first date from the site. He seemed like a nice guy, had very witty emails, was pretty good looking in his profile pictures and was separated.... wait, only separated? I missed that the first time around. I decided to go through with it anyway, just to see what the deal was.

We met for dinner. Everything was very nice and he was better looking in person than he was in his pictures... a definite bonus. We got to talking and then finally I asked about his "separated" status. Come to find out, he's not really separated, he's just in an open relationship with his wife right now.

Excuse me? Did I hear that right? Do people actually do this?

They still live together and occasionally have sex... but they also go out on dates and sleep with other people as well. And this has been going on for OVER A YEAR!! What self-respecting woman puts up with this? I would've been outta there in a heart-beat. His rational? They got married really young and didn't get a chance to experience lots of other partners in their 20's like normal peeps. So, they were doing it now.

Um... thanks, but no thanks.

It did lead to some very interesting conversation. It also led me to saying "friends only". I do not want to be mixed up in the middle of that!!

So, as far as a romantic connection, it was a total miss. But, I am no longer a blind date virgin. And I did get another email from a guy who is actually divorced. We'll see if that turns out any better.


  1. Thats a rough first date! I can't imagine being in a relationship like that.

    If you end up on some really bad dates I know who you need to send them to..... :)

  2. I know the weasel will be hearing from me if it comes to that LOL

  3. As a lurker, I must say thanks for this blog. I find it interesting and helpful to know that someone has the same issues/feelings that I do. Anyway, in addition to Weasel's great wordsmithery, you may enjoy: Never a Second Date

  4. Oh yeah... that's one I read quite a bit (and get a good laugh out of). I'm hoping to have better luck than that, but we shall see :)