Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

Well... that didn't work.

Gave the BC a try again. 5 days in I was starting to exhibit signs of crazy, so I quit. And then the real crazy began...

Oh yeah... It was an epic episode complete with paranoia, drama, not-so-rational arguments and a poo-load of tears. But it actually started over the weekend... (the scene shimmers and we are zipped back in time to Saturday night)...

So Wulfe and I were on his couch talking and the subject of his gaming came up. Yes, Wulfe is a gamer... which I really have no problem with. He hasn't made it a priority over me so I really haven't given it much thought other than the fact that I really want to get outdoors quite a bit this summer and I'm hoping it doesn't become an issue. Then the BC steps in and all of a sudden we have a "discussion" on our hands. Well... it's a discussion on his end and an attack on mine. At the time I didn't recognize it for what it was, but Wulfe did a good job of defusing me by pointing out the fact that I am number 1 in his life. That pretty much shut me up... that night.

Sunday rolls around and I let him know what was going on the previous night. That I didn't recognize it for what it was at the time but figured it out later. He agrees that me on BC is not a good thing. I quit. Sunday ends well and I head for home.

You already heard about the shitty day that was Monday (previous post). Then Tuesday rolls around and the epic episode begins...

First, I got hardly any sleep Monday night. So right off the bat I'm tired. Then ex-hub calls to discuss Maxwell... at that point the prognosis was not good and the tears started. Then I get to work and Wulfe makes a fairly innocent comment and the paranoia gets its claws in me and I go nuts.... I mean really nuts. And the worst part was I could see what was happening and was basically powerless to stop it... I HATE that. The tears kept on coming... the paranoia was in full swing. Wulfe was wondering who the hell I had just morphed into and wisely did not engage the behavior (unlike poor Farmer...)

It was almost two in the afternoon before I started to calm down. But I did get the paper out... (the show must go on, and all that)

So, Wulfe got to see what it was like for Farmer, up close and personal... And hearing about it is nothing like really experiencing it. I did text Farmer and apologize once again. Farmer gave me some advice to give Wulfe, which I did pass along... we'll see if he uses it.

I also called the Doc to see what my BC options are now. He basically said he had never had a patient with this particular problem and that he'd get back to me on that one... sigh. I am getting tired of being different. Allergic to caffeine and latex... and now BC? C'mon... that's just not fair.

So, in summary... everyone made it through the episode with all their limbs intact. Wulfe has decided that I'm not the devil (yet) and is coming to visit this weekend and meet the fam on Sunday (that ought to be interesting...)

Oh, and ex-hub called. Ends up Maxwell did not have a tumor. He had 2 teeth that were rotten and causing an infection and puss pocket behind his eye. The vet pulled the teeth, cleaned him up, put him on antibiotics and sent him home.

No word on how he's doing now, but the prognosis was good...

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