Friday, January 8, 2010

The plunge...

Ok, Ok... I've been keeping this quietly under wraps because I have the habit of getting way excited about something only to see it fizzle out and go nowhere. So this time I decided to see where it was going first, and then get way excited about it. See? I do learn... sometimes.

So, I'm taking the love plunge again.

Easy people... I'm trying a different approach this time. I'm actually just enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the end game. I know... new concept for me. But I have a few things that just might help out in this new endeavor.

1. Distance. Yes... I know. At first this seems like a handicap. However, this bit of distance prevents me from rushing into things too fast... I have my life here that I'm not giving up any time soon. Ditto for him there (there being about 4 hours away). It's a doable distance for a couple of weekends a month and he's just as willing to travel as I am. Plus I think if this ends up getting really serious, we'll figure out a way to close the distance... Not super worried about that.

2. We were friends first. This was something that Farmer and I had going for us that I really liked. True, it didn't translate too well to the relationship (i.e. things I love about him as a friend I really hated as a gf), but it was a good foundation to build on. Plus, Farmer and I were coming at things from very different points of view. That is not the case in this instance... thank goodness. Although I can appreciate "creative differences" as it were, being faced down with them every day does eventually get old. I am sure Farmer is nodding his head yes in agreement right now.

3. He has the traits of the ex's that I would have wanted to keep and (so far) none of the bad stuff (yes, yes... still in the honeymoon phase. We'll see how long that lasts). 

4. (and possibly the most important thing) My particular brand of crazy doesn't seem to bother him in the least. And let me just say... as a friend I told him things that I never would have told a potential bf for fear of frightening them off... and yet, he finds these things endearing (perhaps he was dropped on his head as a small child?). He kind of reminds me of Farmer that way. Oh... I'm pretty sure Farmer didn't find it endearing (probably far from) but he did handle it pretty well.

So, it's off on another new love adventure. I'm sure some of you are thinking that it is far too soon for me to be considering such a thing again... but one thing I have learned over the last few weeks, as Wildflower has been dealing with the loss of someone incredibly special to her, is this: life is far too short to worry about what other people are going to think about what you are doing. Period. When something great comes your way, you go with it. It may work out... it may not. But I would much rather say "at least I tried" instead of "I was too afraid to try".

So, Wulfe... welcome to the crazy that is my life. I'm looking forward to seeing where this ride takes us...


  1. Thank you SweetPea. I feel welcome and I'm looking forward as well standing by your side. :)

  2. The fact that you will take the plunge again says you are truly "okay". Those who refuse to love again because they are obsessing over past failures are the ones I worry about.

    Congrats! I pray it the plunge is exhilarating and all love can be.