Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BC and FB...

So, as you know (if you've been keeping up) Wulfe and I are together officially. Which means time to consider the big BC again...

Yes, birth control. The 2 words I dread... possibly more than "I'm pregnant". It's a toss-up. But, considering that this is a new relationship and that Wulfe has a say too, back on birth control I go. I really didn't give the progesterone only pill much of a go. Once Farmer and I broke up I pretty much gave up on it. So, I really have no idea how it affects me. This has me a tad concerned... as I'm sure you can imagine.

After all, my track record with birth control over the last year has not been good. The worst part is that I can't recognize when I am being unreasonable. So, I have given Farmer the task of keeping an eye on things... after all, he lived with it. If anyone can recognize the early signs of crazy, it will be him. Wulfe also knows my concerns and will let me know if I start acting strange... but I am worried. I really don't want a train wreck of a relationship due to a chemical issue that is completely preventable.

Egads... what a mess. You know, if I didn't think that I might possibly want kids some day, I would totally have the plumbing taken out... what a pain in my ovaries!! Seriously.

OK... done ranting about that. If the writing starts to get weird here, you know what to do...

Now, on to another very interesting point that Bff brought up the other day. We were talking about the fact that I changed my status on FaceBook from "Single" to "In a relationship". Her take is that it makes it pretty serious. She might have a point.

After all, once you change your status everyone knows about it. Unlike a wedding ring, you can't just slip off your status and pretend you're single... you are committed. At least until you change your status back to "Single" again.

Personally, I like it. I get a little thrill every time I go to his page and see my name under the "In a relationship with" tag. Nice... very nice.


  1. CAREFUL!!! My family cannot do BC. We get NUTSO. We must be very sensitive to any hormonal shifts, because you can tell if anyone of us is trying even a mild dose of any kind. Good luck and stay not (too) crazy!

  2. Yeah... it's not good. Hopefully the progesterone only will be OK. Farmer is already telling me I'm nuts and I just barely started back on...

    What a butthead :)