Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The great divide...

4th of July is rapidly approaching... which is good and bad.

Last year was a fun 4th of July, spent with Farmer (who these days is completely MIA due to an overload of work and not enough cooperating weather) and Bff, who came up to visit when I was living there. We ate, drank and were merry. Good times were had by all... and I didn't feel bad that I wasn't home celebrating with the fam.

This year is a little different. This year the fam is in Sunriver to celebrate the 4th and to have a fam vacation. Those I hate to miss out on. Especially since there is a family-wide tennis tournament to decide who will lift the coveted (and dented) Venerable Vassal of Victory as winners of the tourny.

Unfortunately, my finances will not allow this little vacation, even though I get Monday off. And I feel even more divided from my family... which makes me sad. I hate being the only one that has to say I won't make it because I just can't afford the gas money to get there. But, I'm behind on some bills and the only way to catch up (and try to save for a move that will happen at some point) is to buckle down and not really spend any extraneous money.

There is a good side, though. Down here at the coast there is a 4th of July parade that anyone can be in. I'm going to dress up my horse and my dogs and be in the parade, I've decided. It doesn't cost me anything and it should be a lot of fun. Plus I have good company here and I'm sure it will be a very fun weekend... just like last weekend was.

I just wish it wasn't one or the other... I'd like to do both. Oh well, maybe next year...


  1. I'm sorry you're missing the family vacation. :-(

    I do want pictures of you and the horses in the parade. What fun!

  2. I'll definitely be posting lots of pics :)