Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a jungle in there...

Today was like any other day. I got up. I got dressed. I walked the pups.

It was when I was headed for the shower that it got a little wild, you might say...

Last night it was a touch humid in the house, so I left the window to the bathroom open. The screen has a hole in it...  not huge, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal.

When I arrived in my shower, I noticed that I was not alone. Behind the curtain was an arachnid... not the thing I want to see when I'm standing naked in my shower. I might have screamed and jumped around a bit... might. I rapidly exited stage left and immediately washed him down the drain. Sorry little spider, but I have no love for your kind. I hope you find a happier place somewhere down the line.

I then went to grab the shampoo and there was a moth clinging onto the bottle for dear life. I immediately dropped the bottle onto the shower floor dislodging the moth and depositing it into the shower... with me. Not really the kind of company I like to keep. Unfortunately, the moth was too big to go down the drain, so I grabbed a piece of paper and scooped up the moth, ran to the front door (still naked), made sure no one was looking, and quickly opened the door and deposited the moth outside.

Nice of me to do, I know.

I then hightailed it back to the shower (still naked) and jumped back in. I proceeded to wash my hair and myself. Just as I was finishing up, out from behind the shower curtain wanders a pill (or potato) bug. What the hell? Can I not enjoy my shower in peace? And before I could grab him he got swept down the drain with the spider.

Oh well, maybe they will find solace in one another's company down at the end of the line...


  1. i'm pretty sure if you take a shower while there are bugs in there you can't really get clean.

  2. My thought exactly. Hence the hasty removal of said bugs...