Monday, March 22, 2010

The good, the bad and the gay...

OK... time for updates.

The Good: Wulfe and I are doing very well. We have had some great weekends together (both here at the coast and in Washington, picture to come) doing all kinds of stuff... but mostly eating at great places and seeing some great movies (Alice in Wonderland rocked... oh and the trailer for Tron: The Legacy was so cool). I have converted Wulfe to a sushi eating machine. YAY!! This is a first for me... a man who will eat what I like to eat. Can the world be any better than that?

The only downside is that I need to combat the calories that are quickly piling on. Wulfe has already started the P90X work-outs. They are kicking his butt. If he can get up off the floor after a workout and pick up the remote it is a good day. But he's sticking with it and I am very proud of him. I will be starting on this torture next week. Wish me luck...

The Bad: Farmer has decided that he could use some help with the online dating thing. He is letting me rewrite his profile, which is a step in the right direction considering that his description was about 3 sentences long. The bad? He won't let me update his picture... and it needs it, badly. I have threatened to have people hold him down so I can get a decent photo. He is not scared. I'm going to need to recruit help for this one... after all, I am no longer silly enough to think that I can take him by myself. But once I explain my plans to a few people I'm sure I'll get all the help I need. Plus, he's just being stubborn about it. After all, I know best... right?

The Gay: So, Weird (see previous post) decided that he needed to backtrack a bit from the animal-blocking-energy thing and Wildflower decided to give him another chance. So they went to Wildflower's friends birthday party. Wildflower's friend is gay and so there was a major gay constituent there. Well, Wildflower went to talk to some friends of hers and Weird was off talking to some other people there. All of sudden, Wildflower's friend comes up to her and pulls her aside and asks her if she is aware that Weird is gay. What? Holy crap, she thinks. Can this be true?

So she sends in another friend to ask Weird what he thinks of shoes and outfits and they proceed to have a 20 minute discussion on the benefits of making an outfit pop with the correct footwear. Oh yeah... he's gay. Which would actually explain quite a bit. After all, he is 29 (?) and still a virgin. Pretty hard to do in this day and age... and they have been dating for over 4 months and he has yet to make a move other than cuddling... which we all know every gay guy loves to do.

So, I guess they will just be friends. Honestly, considering his views on a few things it's probably for the best. But now she wants me to rewrite her profile for her too... I honestly don't know why. I did not have very good luck... but maybe for them it will be different. Who knows?

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