Thursday, March 18, 2010

No wonder my Chi is stuffy...

So, my friend Wildflower has been dating this guy (we'll just call him Weird) for the past few months. Weird is pretty into his religion, which I think is Christian based (but that's still up for interpretation) and is very close with his family. Neither of those things, by themselves (and in moderation) is a bad thing.

The problem? There was no moderation... at all. Basically, Weird was making it clear to Wildflower that if she wanted to continue on with this "relationship" that she was going to have to fall in line, so to speak.

Now, as you know, I am all for compromise. When two people come together, there is going to have to be some give and take on both sides. Weird, however, was under the impression that a relationship is the same as a dictatorship. She was going to be the one to compromise to his standards... or it was going to be a no go, basically. And for a while she was willing to see what that would entail.

However, the breaking point came for her when Weird announced that he was against having animals in the house. Why? (trying not to laugh) Because animals block our energy from getting to heaven... (bursts out laughing).

This might explain my chronic sinus infections... after all, if my energy can't get to heaven (and I'm not saying that is where my energy is heading, necessarily) that just means it's hanging around the house getting all over the place... kinda like dust... and dog hair... oh, and my laundry.

Wisely, Wildflower told Weird to stick it where... well, you get the idea. She broke it off. Her opinion is the same as mine... animals aren't what is preventing your energy from getting to heaven, there buck-o. I think his problems run waaaay deeper than that.

Just sayin'...

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