Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A girl could get used to this...

So, "the project I hate more than life" is due again this week. Crazy hours have ensued. And so, apparently, has breakfast art.

More delightful foil origami has arrived at my desk:

This time in the form of... a sturgeon?

Tough to tell from the pictures, but it even has eyes. Impressive...

This has made the day a little more bearable. The pups, however, are not jazzed that I'm working late.

Whaddya mean, working late? Don't you love us anymore?

I got pretty much the same reaction from RR... but his involved more crying and whining. 

So, may I remind all 3 of you that I am not thrilled about the proposition either. I would be just fine with this project going away and never coming back...

(evil thoughts of computer destruction running rampant through my head)

The only good part is that I got to completely redesign it. So, at least now it looks good. Too bad it's still a pain in my ass... and right behind my left eye. Ouch...


  1. What will tomorrow bring...... ?

  2. well I know this guy who probably could slip a little something into your putter and make it not run at all... oh wait bad Idea.. then you would have to do it all the old fashion way... BY HAND...lol

  3. Hey... did you slip my 'puter somethin? 'Cause it just crashed.

    Either that or it hates "it's happening" even more than I do.

  4. Lovin' the tinfoil origami <3