Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes life just sucks...

My twin, Wildflower, has been having a rough time lately. For the past year or so she's been dating a guy who she thought might be "the one". And up until a month ago, she was even feeling so good about the relationship that she though he might soon propose...

That didn't happen.

Not only did that not happen, he then informed her that he didn't feel that "long-term spark" (whatever the hell that is). She asked why. After all, he loved their time together, their hobbies, the stuff that made them them... but he said it wasn't enough.

He told her that if she wanted to just do a day-by-day thing that was fine, but in August when he was leaving for a few months he wanted to be single.

Wisely, she told him to stick it in his ear...

But, understandably, she's heartbroken. And I feel so bad for her. And I want to kick him. That whole "the grass is greener... " thing just pisses me off. But we've all fallen victim to it. It just sucks that he had to do that to my twin.


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