Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wait... what?

Sometimes RR and I will be having a conversation and then realize later that we were, in fact, having two completely different conversations.

Does this happen to other people? Or is it just me?

Last night's misunderstanding kinda went something like this...

RR: They took the change machine out of PNP. Is there any other stores where you can do it for free?

Me: Well, I think I saw a change machine down at Safeway.

RR: Yeah, I know.

Me: Oh, there isn't one there? Well, maybe you can go to the bank and change it there.

RR: Why not just stop at Safeway?

Me: (yelling over to Ally) Hey, is there a change machine at Safeway?

Ally: Not sure. Can't remember.

Me: (to RR) Well, I don't know if they have one at Safeway. It can just wait until the bank opens.

RR: But they do have one at Safeway. 

Me: What's wrong with using the bank?

RR: Nothing. But we can just do it tonight.

Me: No, it can wait.

RR: (getting frustrated at this point) If I have to I'll just drive over there right now and meet up with you later.

Me: (laughing) We can do it tonight, babe. Not a big deal. But where?

RR: (ripping his hair out) I told you, there's one at Safeway.

Me: Why didn't you say so?

RR: (head explodes)

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