Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maybe it's the air at 30,000 feet...

Or maybe it's the lack of air... or maybe it's just Oakland.

Although it didn't just start in Oakland. We (Flip Flop and I) arrived at PDX a little early and decided to have lunch at the airport. However, by the time we got to the security check-in the line was huge. So we decided to walk down to the other end of the airport where the security line was much shorter. As we were walking we started power walking just to goof off. Next thing you know, some business guy declares that we won't beat him and speed walks right by us. I think he was kidding... although he did beat us to the line.

Our flight from Portland to Oakland was just fine. It was a full plane, but it was quiet (minus the crying baby somewhere up near the front).

Once we reached Oakland, it was a different story. There were about 20 of us staying on board to continue on to San Diego and we decided to move closer to the front before they started having people board the plane. The first to board were a pack of business men. They seemed somewhat normal and Flip Flop and I didn't think much of it.

Then came Cruella DeVil...

Flip Flop decided to hit the restroom before it was time to take off and put her purse and book in the middle seat and left the aisle seat empty. Cruella walked up and started putting her stuff in the seat. I explained that the seat was taken and she got all huffy and asked why Flip Flop's stuff was in the middle seat if she was actually using the aisle seat. I pointed out to her that the rest of the plane was open and available if she didn't like it. She stomped off down the aisle.

The rest of the plane filled up and towards the end the flight crew announces that the overhead bins are getting full and to put the smaller bags under the seats. Just after that, another business guy comes on board and asks one of the guys in the group in front of us if he can move a computer bag to put his suitcase in. The guy says sure but tells him it has to be close by (can't blame him, it is his computer after all). Well, the 2nd business guy can't find a close place and starts to put it way down the plane. The first guys starts yelling at him to bring his computer back to where he is at the front. So the 2nd guy hands the 1st guy his computer bag and says to put it under his chair. The 1st guy says to put it back up where he found it. Then the 2nd guy puts his computer bag in the aisle and walks off.

This causes the 1st guy to jump up and grab the 2nd guy's bag out of the overhead bin and dump it in the aisle and put his computer bag back where it was originally. Oh and to scream what a dick the 2nd guy was down the plane. The 2nd guy then marches up to the flight attendant and complains about the 1st guy moving his bag. Then the first guy yells that his bag was there first. The flight attendant then grabbed the 2nd guy's bag out of the aisle and takes it to the back of the plain. The 2nd guy, upon seeing this, then stands up and yells to the first guy about what a jerk he is.

At this point, Flip Flop and I are thinking that a brawl is about to break out in the aisle. We were just trying to not make eye-contact with anyone and keep our heads down just in case.

After the 2nd guy's bag got wheeled to the back of the plane, the attendants then decided that the few bags that hadn't found a home in the overhead bins needed to be checked. As the attendant was wheeling the bags up the aisle, they were going so fast that they knocked Flip Flop's book out of her hand and proceeded to drag it up the aisle with the bag... and didn't even notice. Thank goodness someone up at the front of the plane was able to stop the bag long enough to free the book and return it to Flip Flop.

Needless to say, we were happy to get in the air and on our way...

Once in San Diego we went to go claim our bags. At the first baggage claim, the carousel was broken so we went to the next one and waited. Then they told us it would be on the 3rd one instead so we moved over there. Then it was back to the 2nd. At that point we decided to hang out between 2 and 3 because they couldn't seem to make up their minds which one our bags were going to come out on.

Flip Flop's bag showed up right away. Of course, she didn't tell me it was hers until it was almost by us and in my haste to grab it I almost got dragged onto the carousel. Mine didn't show up until much later.

But it showed. Thank goodness...

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