Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm not nice. Fuzzy ducks are nice...

And yet, I find myself trying to be nice. Well, after yesterday I don't think I'll be nice anymore.

As you know, I've been dating. I went into it with the thought that I would expand my circle of friends and if something came of that then great. And it did. Which is nice.

What is not nice is the douche bags that can't get the hint...

I've been very honest. If there was no connection I said so from the beginning. And for most people they got the gist.

Enter Creepy David... who couldn't seem to understand plain English. After our first meeting I politely (but bluntly) told him that this would not become anything other than a friendship. All through the meeting he kept trying to stroke my shoulder. It really freaked me out. And at first, he seemed to get the hint. He would see if we could get together and if I had time I might make a plan (which he usually broke, btw) and if not then I said so.

Sunday he sent a text about breaking a sushi get-together which we had scheduled on Monday. And then he sent a picture of himself (clothed, thank goodness) which I immediately deleted. And then he sent yet another text asking if I had a picture for him...


I ignored them all and didn't answer on Sunday night. On Monday, I told him he wasn't getting a picture and that it was fine he couldn't make it to sushi. He then sent a text about trying to get together another night and proceeded to send his whole schedule for the next 2 months. Seriously? Who does that? I can barely figure out what I'm doing tonight let alone 2 months from now... I texted back that I could maybe do it the next week. And then he sends a message about really wanting to spend some "quality time" together and try to coordinate our days off to make that happen...


Once again I explained to him that this is just a friends thing for me and that I'm not spending my days off with him (basically I said I have better things to do). Well... he got pissy and texted back that if I wasn't interested in getting to know a good man then maybe I should just not be dating.


Seriously? I explained to Creepy David right out of the gate it wasn't happening and reiterated that point several times. What on earth does it take for someone like him to get the hint?

Needless to say I didn't bother answering that text. I deleted his number out of my phone and then went online and blocked it. I don't need that kind of headache hanging around.

Rebel, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious...


  1. It is kinda funny and its a good thing Rebel has a since of humor :)