Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, where did you come from?

It was Friday. And now it's Monday. What the hell happened?

Well, a lot. As it turns out. But I can't divulge too many details (I was forced to sign a confidentiality waiver in blood by all of my siblings).

What I can tell you is this...

We had a lovely bridal shower for my sis. Then after that, it was a golf-themed pub crawl with all of my siblings, where we had to wear not only golf clothes but also "flair".

The sibs and I dressed in our golf "finest"... pre-flair.

After the "flair" (I seriously went out in public like this)...

Somehow the bartender ended up with some of our "flair"...

So, the final tally for the night was: 6 shots (some whiskey, some baileys, some jaeger), 7 drinks (at least I think that's how many there were), lots of really hilarious tasks to perform (such as doing high knees anytime you went anywhere) and some very bad karaoke (that I, thankfully, didn't have to participate in... by that point I was out of the running to win it all).

I think I got back to the Parental's at around 3:30am and then was woken up at 6:30am by children and dogs. To say that I'm tired today is an understatement...

But it was an epic weekend.

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  1. Awesome!

    Also, I love that you call them siblings--I use the same term (one brother one sister, easier to use one two syllable word when talking about both), and people think I'm weird. :-)