Thursday, November 5, 2009

My new home?

To my readers:

Sorry I have been lax on posting. It's been very busy. I know, I know... not an excuse, but the truth non the less.

So, I'll start with the house-hunting issue. For the first 2 weeks of this job the paper has been putting me up in a motel. It's not bad... kinda like a little private cabin with very spotty internet service (hence the lack of posts). After this week is over, I'm on my own... and I have yet to find a place. The panic is starting to set in. I do have a couple of back-up options, just in case. But I'm tired of living out of my car and a suitcase. And I miss my dogs... which can't come with until I have a place of my own. And people can't come to visit until I have a place of my own.

So Pub (my publisher) tells me about a friend of hers that is in property management. I take a look at his website and find a couple that look like they could work. I know Pub has mentioned to this guy that I have dogs. When I call to inquire about the rentals I also mention that I have dogSSSS (plural).

So, anyway... I tell him which ones I'm interested in and he tells me to drive by them first to make sure it's what I'm looking for. So I drive all over the place looking at the outside of these units. Some are cute... some are a mess. Some are in neighborhoods I don't want to live. The ones that fall under the last 2 are crossed off the list, which leaves about 4. So I go by the office and tell him and his (seriously leathery) assistant which ones I'd like to see. He tells me to come back at 3pm. OK...

So I go back at 3pm. When I walk in I again mention that I have dogs and are the units I'm interested in dog friendly. They are. However, he then proceeds to tell me that he needs to meet the dogs before we can go any further. Um.... small problem. The dogs are 5 hours East. I explain the situation to him (that I am moving from far away and can't really bring them down without a place for them... i.e. a home). I also tell him that his good friend, Pub, has met the dogs when I did the day trip for the interview. Well, he says, I brought them once why not again? Um... it was a day trip? I've got no place to keep them for the week. For some reason he's just not grasping the concept of why this is not going to happen. I do, however, offer to him for him to drive out to EO and meet them that way. That would be easier, after all.

So needless to say I depart without having seen any of his units. And it's not like he only has 1 or 2 to rent. The list is like 30 units long and a couple of the buildings have multiple ones for rent. So I go back and Pub is like, uh oh... was he being a Jackass? Oh yeah. You could say that.

So it is now Thursday in week 2 and I still don't have a clue as to where I'm going to live... YIPE!! I hate being homeless... I know that there are some temporary options, but I would like to get fully moved and settled already. But something will shake loose (I hope).

As for Farmer... I guess the discussion we had last Saturday really made a difference. He was back to his old self and it was just like old times. I really enjoyed myself. I miss him (and my dogs, and the cats, and the horses) but I'm also glad to be doing what I'm doing. I still wonder if a long distance relationship is an option. He is one of the few people that I would even consider doing that with...

But that's a question for another day I suppose.


  1. So how about a dog video? (I'm only half joking.) I have no idea why he needs to meet the dogs, but there's got to be an alternative.

    How crazy!

  2. So are you and farmer still together?