Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How much text is too much text?

I, as you know, am not opposed to internet dating. I think it's a valid way to meet people if you are not a church-goer or a bar-goer. However, there is a weird side-product of internet dating and that is over-texting (or emailing).

Farmer has completely given up on the internet dating thing and is now relying on friends and neighbors to help him out with that. In his case, over-texting is a must because the girl he is currently interested in is in California. Can't help but use the phone a lot to stay in touch. I get it...

Wildflower, on the other hand, is looking for prospects in her immediate area. Over-texting is a major danger. You see a guy on the internet dating site. He's cute. You email. He emails you back. You exchange numbers. Next thing you know, you are having full-on conversations by text that you should be having in person... or you are saying things that you would never say in person. Then when you finally meet up, the real thing is a let down compared to what you've built up in your own imagination.

I think a lot of people mistake the thrill of the hunt for real, actual feelings. It's a downfall of our times, I suppose...


  1. I was thinking about how much I text... then remembered that Mike and I have known each other in real life much longer than we've had each other's numbers. I don't think I'd know where to START with internet dating. I'd totally fail at it.

  2. Internet dating is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

    And texting after you know each other is a completely different deal. I'm talking about before you've even met this person in real life.

    BTW, congrats to you and Mike :) Seems like you guys are a really good match!!

  3. LOL.. and I am laughing at ME.. not you.. I imagine that if my husband texted.. there would be no difference between him in text and real life..
    This give me fodder for my own blog..
    "My husband is best described as a text"
    but looking at today's technology and my kids.. I work REAL hard at keeping my kids in the hear and now.. in real life.. helping them learn to be social in real life.
    Black Sheep