Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The "potential" problem...

I am guilty. And I'm here to admit my guilt and confess all of my (dating) sins. The biggest of which is dating "potential" and not what is actually presented to me.

I confess... I love to tinker. Computers, cars, horses, dogs, men...

And while trying to modify the behaviors of most of these things is a good thing, with human beings (men, specifically) this is probably bad. Well, actually I know it is. It is bad.

I think I have finally figured out that you can't date potential. You need to assess the person before you and realize that they are not going to change (because they aren't... especially in my dating pool) and then try to decide if the person that they actually are is someone that works with who I am actually am.

Not easy, my friends. Not easy at all...


  1. Hmmm... Been analyzing the same thoughts...

    @-)--- Draken

  2. Train horses, not men!
    ( :

  3. Yes, trying to train men is an effort in futility... as I have found out.

  4. Unless of course the man depends on you like your horses do!