Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's gonna be a busy year...

Already the calendar is starting to fill up. And this is not including all the little mini road trips that Rebel and I keep wandering out on.

So far on the docket:

March 3 & 4 - Weekend getaway (to destinations unknown... just in case Rebel reads this) for Rebel's birthday.

April 21 - First endurance ride of the year in Madras.

May 12 - Endurance ride in Prineville.

May 18 to 20 - Trip to Vegas with Bff to celebrate BooBoo's bachelorette party. Can't wait!!

June 16 - Endurance ride in Sunriver (and Brother #1's birthday).

July 14 - Endurance ride at Bandit Springs in the Ochoco's... my favorite ride.

July 28 to August 4 - Tahoe and BooBoo's Wedding.

August 25 - Endurance ride at Pacific Crest (this is the one ride I'm traveling for).

September 15 - Endurance ride in Brothers (maybe the last ride, weather depending).

September 27 to October 3 - HAWAII (very exciting) and celebrating my 40th (not as exciting).

October 13 or 20 - There are a couple of rides scheduled for these weekends. We'll see how Flash is feeling and how the weather is.

It's going to be a busy year. But it also should be a lot of fun.

Can't wait!!

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