Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who wants to be girly, anyway?

Girly, I am not.

I've never viewed it as a fault, but maybe I need to rethink that.

I mentioned to Rebel last night that I had a skirt. "Just one?" he asked. Like you're supposed to have more than that? And then I thought about all of my girlfriend's closets. I'm pretty sure they all have more than one.


Is it such a bad thing that I don't like dresses or skirts? I mean what's the point? Due to massive ankle damage I can't wear high heels. So is there any point to wearing dresses? Really? After all, they are just not as sexy when you can't wear the shoes to go with, right?

I don't wear any make-up either. Another not-very-girly thing to do (although I personally think it's the reason I look pretty good at almost-40).

What can I say. I was basically raised like a boy. Being the eldest child in our little hoard of six, I think my dad was expecting... well, not a girl. He didn't know what to do with me. Then when the following 3 behind me turned out to be boys I think I was just doomed.

I do have a sister (who is a little more girly than I am, kinda) but she came along when I was 10 years old and by then it was too late. I hated pink and liked to play in the mud with trucks.

I tried to broach the idea of getting more girly by asking Rebel what we were doing for Valentine's Day. Like a typical male, he has given it no actual thought. How am I supposed to get gussied up if I have nothing to get gussied up for?



  1. Well maybe.... r o f l, ah nevermind ;)

  2. My mom is the same way, and confident about being "earthy". It used to embarrass me as a kid, but now I'm proud of her for being who she is.

  3. Being girly is overrated and I've found most men actually find make up unattractive. I certainly don't wear it. I will admit I have multiple skirts and dresses though.