Thursday, January 5, 2012

When to say "when"...

I thought Wildflower had it made. She had finally found a good guy who treated her like the queen she is...

Until he didn't treat her like the queen she is. Then it all went badly...

And did not end smoothly (but when does it ever, really?). There was a lot of back and forth between them. And the question was posed... when is it time to just cut your loses vs. forgiving the person and giving it another go?

That, my friends, is a tough question. And one I had to really ask myself when RR and I were having difficulties. In the end I decided that the troubles we were having outweighed the good times and I felt it was time to move on. And I'm glad I did because now I am blessed to have a really great man in my life (although I'm not saying that RR wasn't a good man... we just brought out the bad in each other, unfortunately).

If Wildflower and Claw had been having smooth sailing and really good times up until the falling-out I would have told her to buck up and give it another go. But, in actuality they were having some pretty major issues. It kind of reminded me of my marriage. Sex was good at first and then dropped to nothing... and they had only been together a few months. With the departure of sex went the intimacy in the relationship as well. Again, not a good thing so early on.

With those types of troubles so early on it seemed to me it was time to call it.

But now she is back to square one and is upset about having to start over. And I get that... I do. It's not easy. Ever. But in my opinion (and Rebel's) it's for the best. Claw was never going to live up to what he billed himself to be. It's time for her to find someone who actually is that person for real... not in just their imagination.

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