Friday, January 20, 2012

A little (OK, big) rant...

There are a few things I find annoying. Well, actually I find many things annoying. But I'm only going to blog about a few things I find annoying today.

You're welcome.

Today is about animal abuse. I loathe animal abuse. Loathe. It.

You all remember Michael Vik right? Total asshat quarterback who was seriously busted for having dogs that were involved in dog fighting on his property. The NFL threw him out. He went to jail. It was great.

And then it wasn't so great. People forgot about what an asshat he was. He got out of jail. He got his job back in the NFL. Basically it was like the animal abuse never happened. It sucked. Royally.

However, mostly I don't give Michael Vik much thought. That is until he goes on the Jim Rome show and whines about how unfair it is that his kids can't own a dog and what a lover of animals he is. I almost punched the goddamn radio it pissed me off so bad.

Seriously. Who does the douchenozzle think he is? A lover of animals? Fucktard. I hate him. And now I will never listen to Jim Rome again either.

OK... rant #1 done.

So... now I'm going to cover another thing that really ticks me off: the horse show world. And I'm including all of it except at the most local levels (and even then I've seen some major asshattery go down).

It seems that as soon as you add the element of money inevitably greed follows. And the horses lose. No breed is exempt. It's all bad all the way around...

TB's - I hate horse racing. It starts horses way too young and demands things that those immature horses are unable to provide. They should make the Kentucky Derby for 5 year olds and no horse should be allowed to race before it's actual 3rd birthday.

Who really wants to see this?

QH's - So much wrong with this poor breed I hardly know where to start. But let's start with HYPP. A genetic disorder that you can test for and if everyone in the breed elected to not breed an N/H or H/H horse the disease could be wiped out in no time at all. Also, breeding ridiculously muscled horses that have tiny feet and no useful purpose in the real riding world is just stupid. There's more, but I'll stop there...

Feet? What feet?
Arab's - It used to be that a slightly dished nose was enough for any arab breeder. Now most of the "popular" stallions have what looks like a ski ramp for a nose. It's crazy. I hate it. Also, Arab halter horses are made to look nuts in the show ring by zapping them with a cattle prod before they go in the ring. Disgusting. And it makes the rest of the breed look like they are all nuts. However, most Arabs are quiet and love human companionship. That certainly doesn't translate when they're getting cattle prods shoved up their butt.

Skiing anyone?

OK. I could go on and on, but I'm done with that... for now.

I just wish people would leave the greed out of everything and let the enjoyment of horses (or any animal, for that matter) be enough. The world would definitely be a better place...

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  1. I've ranted about ALL of these before. My only argument is that young racehorses recover from injuries better than older racehorses (because their bones and joints are still flexible). I still disagree with racing babies, but it's a devil's advocate argument. QH's make me SO mad.