Saturday, May 8, 2010

He's not a Bug...

But he is a Milo.

A Milo? What's a Milo?

Meet Farmer's newest addition. Cute, isn't he? 

I still miss Bug terribly... 

Bug? I ate a bug earlier... And now it's nap time.

Bug was an awesome cat. But Milo is doing a good job of filling in the blank. Spiderman doesn't seem to mind him too much. I think Farmer forcing them to spend time together probably has something to do with that.

It is fun to have a kitten around the house again when visiting Farmer. I had a great time there last weekend playing with the kitten and the horses. Elmo did great after a 6 month (unintentional) lay-off. I was a little worried that he might slip back into some old bad habits. Nope... he was a rock star!! 

I hopped on Aspen briefly on Sunday and she did very nice as well. I'm still hoping to find her a new home. So far, no nibbles. 

Farmer had a relatively quiet weekend (by his standards)... i.e. I got to see him more than just a few minutes here and there. We actually had "blocks of time". It was good. The sun was out (as was the wind... in force) and I actually put on shorts for the first time this season. Not a bad weekend, all-in-all. 

This weekend I'm up at my parent's house trying to figure out why the ##$@%$ trailer lights won't work correctly. After yesterday I am up to working brake lights and turn signals. Still nothing when you just turn on the lights. 

So far it hasn't been the trailer, but where you plug into that has been the issue. (I guess that would be called the socket?) So much for spending the money to have it "professionally" installed so that it wouldn't give me problems in the future. I'm not impressed...

And, of course, it's so sunny out and I am here, sans horse, instead of there, riding. Stoopid trailer!! But, needed to get done... hopefully we'll get the rest figured out today.

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