Sunday, May 16, 2010

The paradox of cleavage...

And, no... not mine.

Farmer has been venturing out into the wonderful world of online dating. Now, don't get me wrong... times, they are a'changing and a lot of people find this a viable way to meet new people. Mostly...

Sometimes I wonder just what it is they are trying to accomplish. Take Farmer's latest email, for instance. "kissyface" emails him saying that she's just moved back to the area and is looking to make new friends. OK... so far, nothing too terrible.

Then he goes to her profile and is so taken aback he immediately sends it to me. On her profile there are several pictures that display "almost" everything. There is one picture where she is just a small breath away from a serious wardrobe malfunction. I mean, it's barely hanging in there... And then you read her profile and it's all about how she doesn't want someone who just wants her body.

OK... talk about mixed signals.

I'm kinda thinking that if you don't want people dating you just because of your physical assets, then you need to not so prominently display said assets. But then you run into this very weird paradox... if you keep it all to yourself, chances are you won't be getting many phone calls, either.

I have had a few people tell me that sports bras do not do me any justice. So maybe if I wore a bra that displayed things a little better I wouldn't have so many people picking up on me in the bar? Wait a second... that doesn't seem right, either.

OK, so now what? Seems like we are damned if we do (hey, that chick is a tart) or damned if we don't (hey, that chick is a prude).

Unfortunately for kissyface, she didn't have a chance either way. I'm pretty sure she's not really Farmer's type.

Although I could be wrong... wouldn't be the first time.


  1. Personally... I'm one gourment cupcake away from finding me a chubby chaser! Then I'll have the big tatas that the men seem to appreciate so much, but it'll be counter-balanced by my ginormous butt! LOL!

    I agree with you though, it's tough (& scary) out there!

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