Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Knock on wood...

It has been a most delightful week, thus far.

Due to both ad reps being out of the office on Monday, they had to have all of their ads in to me by Friday of last week. So, when Monday rolled around all I had to do was get the classifieds out... that's it. Usually I am working at least 6 more hours trying to get the huge pile of ads done that has mysteriously appeared in my inbox throughout the day (keep in mind, their deadline is 5pm on Thursday).

So this week, it was so nice not having all of that extra work waiting for me. Rather than arriving home around 10pm, I was home by 5:30pm on Monday night. I hardly knew what to do with myself... so I took the dogs for a walk.

Are we done here? We want to GO... 

Again, yesterday... same story. I was done in record time and was home trying to figure out what to do with myself. It was actually quite nice.

Today is more of the same. Only an 8 hour day... it's unprecedented.

I'm hoping this trend continues... *knocks on wood*


  1. That is great! At least you know it is POSSIBLE for them to get the ads to you on time. :-)

  2. A lack of work is not a good trend IMO.

  3. Same amount of work... just arranged so I'm not working 14-16 hours in a day. But I guess you missed that part...