Monday, May 31, 2010

The date movie dichotomy...

So I'm sitting here watching TV with Farmer last night when a commercial for the movie "Dear John" came on. Farmer just checked out and started fiddling around on his computer. I also didn't give the commercial much thought until the end when it stated "A great date-night movie". At that point I just started laughing.

Farmer, hearing my amusement, perks up and questions me on what I find so funny. I explain to him the funny statement about the movie. Why did I find it funny, you ask? Well, let me 'splain...

First let's just get out of the way that "Dear John" is a chick-flick. It is one of those movies filled with ultra-romantic and completely unrealistic relationship plots... yes, my favorite kind of movie. But there are only 2 reasons why a heterosexual man goes to a movie like this:

1. He's married.
2. He's just recently started dating.

These 2 things may seem to be basically the same, but the reasons behind why they go are completely different.

Man #1 (the married guy) has, over the years, figured out that it is way easier to just agree to go... thus avoiding the fight that will ensue if he voices that he'd like to go see Rambo 20 instead.

Man #2 on the other hand is trying to earn brownie points to be used on a hopefully not too distant occasion.

Either way, we (the women, that is) win. We get to see the movie and pretend like our man is just as romantic as the one on the screen... until we get home, that is.


  1. I must be an anomaly, then. I am a single, middle-aged heterosexual man, and I enjoy watching chick flicks almost as much as I enjoy action movies. They tend to make me cry, too.

  2. You totally are an anomaly... but in a good way!!