Friday, July 15, 2011

The list is taking on a life of it's own...

Now that the initial euphoria of getting the job has worn off, the list making has begun. There is a lot to do. In a short amount of time. Very. Short.

And the list is long...

1. Give notice.
2. Give notice to the barn.

Whoo hoo. Maybe this won't be so bad after all...

3. Figure out a place to live.
I was in contact with a place that seemed promising. They said they would tell me how much for deposit and send me an application via email. So far, nada. 

4. Figure out a place for the horses to live.
I'm hoping this will tie into #3.

5. Get the paperwork ready and signed for the horse swap.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention this part. So, the girl who is leasing Elmo until October 2012 is the barn manager's granddaughter. The barn manager has a pinto mustang that she is afraid to ride. I, however, have no problem riding her. So I proposed a trade... Elmo for Storm. She agreed. Which is great because I will still have a horse for Ryan to ride (Flash) when we want to go out together.

6. Figure out what is going to Goodwill and what is coming with me to Bend.
I think I have room for all the furniture, but not quite sure. Plus, there is some extraneous stuff (like a massive amount of dishes and such) that I need to sort through and seriously down-size. 

7. Pack.
This is a whole list unto itself. But for space I will just utter that one, dreadful word.

8. Did I mention pack?
This is a big enough job that it should get 2 lines on the list. It's a daunting task.

9. Figure out a way to get furniture, horses, horse crap, stuff, dogs and miscellaneous other crap to Bend all in one go.
I don't have the funds to do that drive more than once, so once is all I get. I'm helping Fixit move this weekend, so that may be a favor I can call on. I'm thinking that I will load the back of the truck with everything I can get to fit, put the horses and hay in the trailer, fill the bug and have RR drive that, fill Fixit's jeep and have him drive that and then Fixit can bring RR back to the coast once we are done. Seems easy enough... I wonder how it will really all go down? Maybe I can call on Brother #1 to bring his truck as well. Bff has already elected to bow out of the packing portion of the program siting past services less than a year ago (:P)

10. Figure out monetarily how this is all going to work.
Still working on this one, big time. However, I have over 40 hours of vacation that I didn't use that I get to cash out when I say goodbye to this place. That should help.

11. Come up with a new name for the blog.
Life's a High Desert just doesn't have the same ring to it. How about It's a Dog's Life? I feature them often enough...

12. Pack.
Might have mentioned this one already.

13. Figure out how I'm going to move the DirecTV when I don't actually have a new address yet.
Hoping that will resolve itself soon.

14. Figure out the couch-surfing schedule.
Don't want to impose on any one person too much. I want to still have friends when this is all said and done.

I'm sure there is more. But I don't want to think about it. The first order of biz is going to be getting Fixit moved here to the coast tomorrow. Gotta get that done so I can call in that favor later...


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  1. So is that cute bf of yours moving to Bend?