Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More stupid than you can shake a stick at...

I've talked about the dumb decisions this company makes on a regular basis, so what I'm about to tell you may not actually be a surprise... but I feel compelled to tell you anyway.

I am leaving in 3 (basically) days. Done. Finished. Never coming back...

When I first gave notice, they promised to have someone here on this Thursday and Friday so I could get my final issue of It's Happening done. OK. Great.

But no one is actually coming on Thursday or Friday. So, I get to try to deal with the demands of the paper plus get TPIHMTLI (the project I hate more than life itself) done. And because I actually have standards and integrity (2 very foreign words to the owner) I will try my best to actually get it all done before I go. Which means overtime. And a lot of it.

But that also means money. Not as much as I would want, but time-and-a-half for at least part of it.

But still. What are they thinking? That the paper and ads will just magically make themselves next week? Because as of this moment, at 8:33am on Wednesday, the Publisher still has no idea who will be filling in on the production side of things.

Is it just me, or does that seem slightly problematic?

The best part? It's not my problem...

(yes, I am totally giggling right now)

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