Monday, July 18, 2011

No good deed and all that...

This past weekend RR and I helped Fixit move from Portland to Yachats. We started out the journey by having to pull over on I-5 and fix the light that had come off and broken. Typically, you wouldn't have to deal with this because the lights are "in" the trailer frame not on it. But my trailer is a little ghetto right now and the lights don't work. So I have magnetic lights that only work sometime. Much better...

Me: Are you done yet?
RR: No.

Me: How about now?
RR: No. 

Me: Now?

Thank goodness I always carry duct tape. And electrical tape. Both came in handy.

My view down I-5 while waiting on the repair...

Once that was done, we finally got Fixit packed up and moved. It went pretty smoothly. Which is to say, nothing else major happened. Yay, us!!

I also figured out how this move to Bend is going to happen. Oh yeah, heard back from the place and if Farmer cooperates (hint, hint) then it looks like it'll be a go.

So, the move is going to go like this:

Step 1: El Dub drives his SUV and trailer down to the coast on Friday night (yes, I'll be putting him up somewhere).

Step 2: Fixit drives up from Yachats on Saturday morning to help us load.

Step 3: We pack up the bug, SUV and trailer with all of the crap we can Saturday morning. 

Step 4: We load up the horses and hay in the trailer (hopefully still in the am period of Saturday). 

Step 5: Whatever didn't fit in the bug, SUV and trailer goes in the back of the truck.

Step 6: Whatever is left over from that goes to Goodwill.

Step 7: Caravan to Bend. El Dub drives his vehicle. RR & Fixit in the bug. Me and the pups in the truck.

Step 8: Unload. Hopefully this ends before midnight (I know Fixit will turn into a pumpkin otherwise).

Step 9: Drive back to the coast. El Dub heads home.

Step 10: Clean. (We are now into Sunday, in case you missed the transition... because sleep is definitely not in the plan)

Step 11: Drive back to Bend. 

Step 12: Collapse.

Step 13: Hopefully unpack sometime before Christmas...

Doesn't this sound fun? Bet you wish you were helping too...

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