Thursday, December 15, 2011

My own thing...

Wildflower and I were having a discussion the other day about our Significant Others. Wildflower thinks it's a deal-breaker if her SO doesn't share in her foremost passion, horses. For me, it's a little more flexible...

While it would be nice to share that part of my life, it's not a necessity. Ex-hub didn't share it and that was OK with me. I liked the idea of being to go out and do something that is just uniquely mine. The problem with Ex-hub is that he resented the time I spent with my horses and didn't want to be a part of anything I was doing with them.

I don't think Rebel is like this. He helps me feed, stack the hay and take care of stuff around the farm. He just isn't that into riding and I'm totally OK with that... I think when it comes time to start to go to some endurance races that Rebel will be open to going with me. Ex-hub never really was.

The other bad part of my marriage was that the things that Ex-hub and I enjoyed together he stopped doing. That was very frustrating!! Again, I really don't see that happening with Rebel. He doesn't do stuff he doesn't want to do in the first place. He's a total what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda guy. And I love that aspect of him.

So, for now, horses remain my own thing. And I'm totally fine with that...

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  1. For me, I need an SO who likes horses and enjoys spending time with them occasionally. Willingness to ride is definitely a bonus, but not a necessity.