Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's 300 miles between FWB?

Man... I have no idea how I go so lucky. Not only does Rebel only live a few miles from me, but he cleans my house when I'm out riding too. I'm thinking I'm hanging onto this one for a while.

But, what about those poor unfortunate souls who are not blessed with close proximity like Rebel and I are? How do you make a long distance relationship work? Or is it even possible?

I guess if all you want is a FWB kinda deal, then a long distance relationship is the perfect solution.

But... if you really want a committed relationship I'm just not sure how it can actually work. I mean, every time you see the person it's kinda new all over again. So it's really hard to gauge if you actually get along in the day-to-day area of things or not.

I guess it just seems that if you are that far apart, that things really never go anywhere and that you never get the opportunity to grow the relationship and move forward together.

Am I wrong on this one?

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  1. i am currently in a mostly LDR with the love of my life...but we were dating for almost a year before i moved out of the country for school...and were best friends for a year before that...i think LDR can work if both parties are willing to work for it and understand exactly how difficult it is...skype helps heaps too