Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enough already!!

The next mid-life crises I experience had better be mine. Just sayin'...

First, it was Rebel. I know no better way to describe his recent actions than as a full-blown, five alarm mid-life crises. I mean normal people don't just sell every damn thing they own and move to Central America (even though they don't actually know anyone in said country). If that isn't a mid-life crises, I don't know what is...

Plus it makes me feel better about the break-up.

Would it be wrong for me to mention that I miss him?


Moving on.

Next, PT informed me this past weekend (before the retched flu set in) that he's quitting his job here in Central Oregon and taking his practice on the road. A mobile Physical Therapist. He's selling his house and going to live in his (very nice) horse trailer. Oh, and he's taking the horse with him. He will golf and ride in the nicest parts of the country all while only working 2 to 3 days a week for what he makes working 5 now.

Really? How do I get on that program? Because that sounds like a hell of a deal. Just sayin'...

But again. Someone I care for up and leaving. WTF?

Enough!! The rest of you better stay put or I will have to kick some serious ass.

Just sayin'...

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  1. I'm too young to have a mid life crisis so your good for now (give me 2 more years or so) XOXO Drake