Friday, March 23, 2012

I don't want to be in love...

I want to be in love in the movies. Or a fairytale. That would work too...

My new favoritist show is "Once Upon A Time".

I'm ready to jump into a fairytale...
The premise is that the evil queen has cursed all of the fairytale inhabitants to live a dull and unhappy life in the real world with time never moving forward. As the evil queen says "The real world is where happy endings go to die".

That, my friends, is a depressing thought. And judging by the divorce rate, may not be all that far off. Kinda sad, actually.

So what's a hopeless romantic to do?

Well, as BFF put it so succinctly last night... if I had my happy ending already then it would be the end.

Ahhhh... good point. I definitely don't want it to be the end. I want to be somewhere in the middle where I am enjoying my fairytale romance... with plenty still to come.

And in some ways I am in the middle. I'm at the point in the movie where all hope seems lost but I have no idea what is just around the corner. And this is always true because none of us knows what is coming up tomorrow or the next day.

Nothing is forever. And those who have figured that out shift from one thing to the next wringing the most out of whatever it is that period in time has offered them.

The trick, I'm learning, is to enjoy this day for what it has to offer and to welcome tomorrow with open arms... and shockingly enough, happiness is right there waiting.

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