Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not off to a good start...

I was so hoping that 37 would be a better year than 36. That was a tough one... failed marriage, 2 failed relationships, failed business, unemployment (sometimes by my own choice, sometimes not)... you get the idea.

Well, 37 is not off to a much better start. I was fired last night. It wasn't completely unexpected but it wasn't exactly on my radar either. The dealership has been struggling so I knew it was a possibility... I at least expected to get to the end of this month at the very least. Oh well.

But I'm stressed out. There isn't a ton of money in the bank and sleep has deserted me once again (thought we had that ironed out but I guess my threats didn't sink in). I'm definitely in a funk today. I'm feeling very beat down. I know that I will land on my feet but I'm really tired of having to do that... I'm ready to move into the phase in my life where I can find a place I want to settle and have a good life and job there. Is that so much to ask?

I'm sure tomorrow I will feel better... today I just feel like a huge failure in every aspect of my life.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. Yuck! Things have GOT to start looking up soon! We'll pray for it.

    Much love...

  2. Job searching when you don't have a job is like car shopping when you don't have a car. Long, obnoxious, and difficult. I feel for you hun, But there's only one way you can go, which is up!!