Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Chuck-It®

Noelle's new favorite toy is the Chuck-It®, courtesy of Wulfe. If you are unaware of what that is, it's the best invention in the history of man-kind... ever.

The best invention ever. Period.

With this brilliant device, you never have to touch a slobbery ball to play fetch with your canine ever again. Did I mention how much I love this thing?

Daisy, on the other hand, not really understanding the game of fetch (aka "dumb-ball") and all it's detailed intricacies, is not very impressed.

Meh... What's the big deal? If you ask me, it's stoopid...

You are dead to me...
I shall adopt this Chuck-It® ball instead.

So last night we went out to the beach to play with the Chuck-It®.

You are not throwing the ball far enough... you can still see me.

Well, Noelle played. Daisy just tackled her every once in a while for good measure then went back to sniffing anything and everyone interesting.

Look mom, I got the ball.

No, you can't have it back. MINE.

Ball? What ball? I don't see any ball?

Oooooohhhhh. This ball, you mean? The one I'm laying on?
Kfine. You can have it... but only if you throw it again.

All in all, it was a good time. And I never once had to touch a slimy, slobbery ball. Yes!!

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