Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OCD much?

I'm worried.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the small bout of colic that Flash was having. After walking him out for a few hours he seemed to be fine. But since then he has been losing weight. This makes me very concerned... considering the fact that he's never really been a fat horse to begin with.

If this were Elmo, I'd be celebrating. He can get morbidly obese. On air.

Can not. And I really don't like the nickname "Hoover Vacuum" either...
So I took Flash in and had a blood and fecal panel run. Both came back normal.

He has hay at his feet 24/7. He is slick and shiny but is still losing weight. I have put him back on grain and have added Rice Bran and oil to top dress the grain. 

On Farmer's advice I am doing a 7-day sand purge, just in case. It was sandy out at Farmer's and I do live at the coast. So maybe that might be the problem? 

Also, even though I just dewormed him, I'm going to hit him again with a different type that also attacks tape worms. Again, just in case.

But I'm worried. Perhaps even a little obsessive about it. But I can't help it. He's my baby. And he's only 13 (well, he will be 13 on August 15th). My point is that he's still in his prime. This should not be happening. The vet is running further tests on the blood. I guess we'll see what that yields.

In the meantime, I will just continue to pour the groceries to him in the hopes that he'll start gaining some of the lost weight back. 

ARG... I hate it when one of my kids is sick!!


  1. That is not OCD.

    That is "Doing the right thing."

    Clearly, you care about him. As a fellow Arabian lover (with an extra soft spot for the chestnuts!) I wish I had some words of advice or could tell you something else to try. I hope he is in top form and feeling good again soon!

    I hope for both of you he will be in top form and feeling good soon!
    I hope for both of you he is in top form again very soon!

  2. Gag! Sorry for the repeats, preview didn't let me see the whole post for some reason...

    (The well wishes still count in multiple, but I hate sloppy writing/editing.)

  3. Thank you for your words of encouragement. The good news is that he is eating everything I'm stuffing in front of him. I've taken some pics so I can do comparisons because it is very hard to see change day-to-day. I'll keep posting updates weekly.