Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It rained. Really hard. A lot.

And the fix I did on the camper on Saturday failed. Miserably.


I guess I can't complain too much... after all, the damn thing was free. But a free camper is kind of like a free horse. Getting it isn't the expensive part. Keeping it is what gets tricky. Or in this case, keeping it dry.

I consulted with Farmer. His suggestion was to paint the roof in Black Jack and who cares if the vent ever opens again.

Die, leak, die!!
This suggestion is not a bad one except when I have the propane heater running... not sure I want to be all cooped up with nowhere for bad air to go.

I then consulted with Rebel who informed me I need a new vent... old one is shot. OK, fine. I bought a new vent. And then he told me that I can't actually be on the roof when I'm installing the new vent.

*oh shit*

Um, so I checked it out last night. I can't actually reach the back of the vent unless I'm on the roof. Small problem there. Guess I need a new plan. For now I've got it parked on a hill so the rain just runs off the roof. That will have to do for now...

Why can't fixing shit just be simple and not have to involve me having monkey-long arms or paying someone else to do it?

The age-old question...


  1. Seriously, I'm your girl when it comes to long-ass monkey arms, so name the time and place, and I'll come help you. :-)

  2. Lol well at least yours is paid and useable.
    I'm is in useable unmovable and unpaid for still ...

  3. Ah, draken... you'll get it worked out :)