Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seeing double...

So, I know it's Thursday and all... but Monday was a cra-z-y day. Very crazy. I'll blog about some of it a little later.

But the part of Monday I want to talk about now is that my twin came to visit. Wildflower was on a road trip through Oregon on her way to Eugene and stopped in an stayed with me for a night and we had so much fun. I haven't seen her since "The move of '10" so it was so good to see her.

We went for a ride...

Storm and Wildflower had a blast. Plus the weather was great. Then I gathered up the crew (Bow, Hutch, Honey (formerly known as VH), DT, Hutch's hub and offspring) and we all went to sushi. We talked and laughed and drank a lot of saki. 

And because we didn't want the party to end, we went back to Honey and DT's place and continued with wine and watched the most horrible show ever called "Heartland". Trust me, it's bad. It's a soap opera type show for horsey-types. Ugh... and we all totally got sucked in. Thanks a lot Honey.

Also during the evening I got an email that really came out of left field. I'll be telling you about that later, however. Just wanted to mention it now because it also added to the crazy that was Monday.

It was a crazy day.

On Tuesday, I dropped Storm off at Spit's place to hang out with Goodwin and Dusti. Plus, she will also be the trusty mount of Spit's daughter Izzy whom I will be working with once a week and getting her riding. That should be a blast.

Storm (not excited) and Izzy (very excited)...

They are going to do so well together :)

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