Saturday, June 2, 2012

From on high...

I distinctly remember the night Farmer and I broke up. My life went from mildly unpleasant (because of all the bickering) to really fucking complicated. All with just a few sentences.

All of a sudden I couldn't get away fast enough. I needed to be away from there and I had an undeniable need to be high. Not drug high. Just up high. Somewhere with a massive panoramic view. Had to. Non-negotiable.

At 3-something in the morning I got in my truck and drove. And drove. I ended up at a scenic viewpoint in the Blue Mountains about an hour away. It was just what I needed. Looking down at all of the lights of the town below me made me feel less insignificant somehow. Don't ask me to explain why, it just did.

Driving home from Mags place tonight I had that same urge again. Not as strong, but still undeniable. And I realized how complicated my life is again, all of a sudden.

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