Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mixed bag...

Blah is the word of the day. I'm tired. Farmer isn't feeling well... There is no motivation anywhere in sight.

Lots of changes... lots of new things to adjust to. This schedule is not very friendly. Just when you are feeling like you might be heading over the hill to restfulness and recovery, instead of another day off you're heading back to work. I know it doesn't sound like it should be a big deal... but it's kicking my ass at this point.

But don't get me wrong. I am very grateful to have a job. It's just an adjustment.

It seems life has settled into a bit of a routine, so that should help. I think the fact that I'm not home constantly has taken the pressure off of Farmer. I think he was struggling to find that balance between work and me, and I don't want him to feel like he has to choose. Problem solved... right now I'm not home much. I wonder if that will eventually become an issue. Let me just say that if a job with decent pay and a friendlier schedule comes along I'm going to take a hard look.

I'm feeling like not having 2 days off in a row is kind of a problem. I'm too tired to really do anything and I feel like other things are going to the wayside a bit. For instance... I really wanted to ride today. Instead I'm laying in bed writing. I'm just too damn tired at this point to get out there and do it. I'm thinking that maybe I need to try to ride on the days that I'm off early. At least when I'm coming off of work (at 5pm... not 7pm) I feel like I've got a bit of energy left. Tomorrow is one of those days, so we'll see how I'm feeling when I get off.

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