Monday, August 10, 2009

New or used car anyone?

Well... it's officially my second week at work. The first week was quite the experience... Let me just say that selling cars is not for everyone.

The best thing I can think of to describe my working environment is a boy's locker room. I had no idea that men gossiped so much. They'll talk about almost anything or anyone. Quite the eye-opener... I have now seen and heard about things that I never knew existed (nor did I want to know, for that matter). I would give you examples, but there is just no way to describe these things without providing brain bleach and counseling... seriously.

It's a good thing, as well, that I have no problem just being tossed out there to fend for myself. Training has been scarce at this point in the operation. I basically go out there and do it like I think I should be and then I listen to all the things I did wrong and what to do when that situation comes along next time. I would like to point out that those things would have been nice to know in the first place, but it's like talking to a wall... what's the point?

However, if I can get the hang of it I think it's something that I'll actually enjoy and eventually even be good at. So far I haven't managed to close a deal... but not for lack of trying. I mean, it's not my fault that someone with crappy credit thinks that $750/month payment for a new 1-ton truck is unreasonable. Not much I can do about that...

The good news is that there is guaranteed monthly pay with commission thrown on top. For that I'm willing to stick it out and see how it goes...

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  1. Working retail isn't easy as well. We get a 1% commission on top of a hourly pay, so it isn't like it's out of the park. Its the same way for me, however. My manager likes to throw us out there and then tells us all of the things we've done wrong. After the initial bitterness, I try to use it in my next sale. Needless to say, it gets easier as you go along. Just be confident in what you're doing, read up on what you're selling, and know what your customer is looking for. Asking the right questions is half the battle, getting them to realize that this car is the right car for them is the next. (except for me, its an engagement ring) Good luck!